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General Manager

Kellan has been an integral part of the E2 team since early 2019. He joined our team through Aaron while looking for some part time work and has grown to work full time onsite painting and drywalling, and also doing marketing and sales. As by far the tallest crew member, he’s always around to help “reach” our goals! He loves getting to work out in the sunshine on exteriors while at work and snowboarding down the local hills during the winter. Always making sure to make time for hanging out with buddies and playing music to chill out after putting in a full day’s work!

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Having initially covered for a mat leave position in 2018, Courtney is back full time with E2 this year ensuring that things run smoothly for everyone involved. Her days are spent in the office working with the sales team and making sure that the field staff have everything they need to get their days done. Outside of work (and while working from home!), she spends time with her fiancé and cat, planning their wedding and binging the latest Netflix series.

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Adam grew up in Prince George and ended up calling the lower mainland home once at 17, but finally at the age of 22. His original passion for the arts was what led him here, but his tenacity to find what truly suited him was what led him into the construction industry. With a short pit stop in the culinary world, he found his true calling in finishing. Having been in leadership roles for most of his life, it was only fitting for him to lead a team as part of a successful business. Day to day, Adam can be found checking up on projects, working on quotes, or even getting his hands dirty on site. Founding E2 has been one of the most challenging and rewarding ventures of his life and he can’t wait to see what happens over the coming years. When not working on the business adam is a family man, helping raise his kids with his beautiful wife Taylor, and navigating this new post covid world.

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